About Us

Playful Monkey offers a loving, nurturing, clean, and safe environment for your growing little one.  We dedicate our time to help your child build their independence, learn to value sharing, and enjoy creative self-expression. The goal of all we do is to help foster positive self-awareness.

We offer age-appropriate activities that meet the developmental needs of each individual child in our care. The day includes activities that allow your child to participate in structured & free play, learning through creative exploration, music and movement, story time,  A B C’s, numbers, colors, shapes, coloring and outdoor time weather permitting.

Teachers model resilience so that children
develop into problem solvers who view
every challenge as an opportunity to learn *

Our Infant program provides the nurturing, healthy bond and individual attention an infant needs. Our Toddler program introduces your child to the basic elements of early learning such as visual recognition of letters, numbers, colors, shapes, patterns, songs, problem-solving and a healthy social & emotional environment all while building self-awareness and confidence.

Our daily activities will allow your child the opportunities to make decisions for themselves and to develop autonomy. Our environment is designed for your child to explore, to socialize and develop relationships with peers, and to become independent little thinkers and say “I did it!”



* Pawlina, S., & Stanford, C. (2011). Preschoolers Grow Their Brains: Shifting Mindsets for Greater Resiliency and Better Problem Solving. Young Children,30-35. source